Symbolic, isn’t it?

Michael Madigan decided that on the 47th anniversary of Roe V Wade (January 22, 2020), he would contribute $1,000 to the political coffers of Planned Parenthood!  This is the same Michael Madigan who back in the 1980’s published a letter in the Illinois Right to Life banquet program book claiming that the pro-life community would always have an ally in him as long as he was in office. No joke, he did!

If you were in the camp buying his “I’m still personally pro-life, but don’t want to restrict the rights of women” argument, you can now see that he is actively partnering with Planned Parenthood and their efforts to defeat pro-life candidates across Illinois.

Plus, to make this big contribution on the anniversary of Roe V Wade is a slap in the face to all of us who have fought so hard to protect the most innocent human beings among us.

This 2020 election season is going to be a referendum on abortion
The passage of the most extreme abortion law in the United State is going to be a central issue in the 2020 general elections.  It’s even a factor in a couple Democrat primary races!  

ICE-PAC would love to step up in a big way to support any representative (Republican or Democrat) for opposing the Reproductive Health Act. 

Unfortunately, we’re up against a big obstacle.  The obstacle is the $2.5mm that the abortion industry has on hand to push their pro-abortion candidates to victory.  And they are raising money as you read this.  In fact, they’re soliciting sponsorship for their fundraiser on March 7, in which one level of sponsorship is named after pro-life leaders State Rep Tom Morrison and former state rep Peter Breen.  See for yourself.

They seem to be so powerful now, that even Madigan sends money their way.  

Help us battle back in a big way in key races, starting this primary season.

Please consider making a sacrificial donation today to take power from the abortion lobby, thereby putting us on a track to turn Illinois pro-life again.