Promoting Mainstream Values Important for Life and Family


We influence public policy decisions made at the state level by supporting Illinois candidates and issues that value human life, advance family stability, and uphold the dignity of all people.


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Illinois Citizens for Ethics

Political Action Committee


Illinois Pro-Life Political Action Committee 

The mission of ICE-PAC is to influence public policy decisions made at the state level by supporting Illinois candidates and issues that value human life, advance family stability, and uphold the dignity of all people. 

Traditional Mainstream Values Reflected in Illinois Laws

Many citizens in Illinois are concerned about issues of life, family and dignity, but need a vehicle to express their opinions. Illinois citizens want their voices on right-to-life to be heard, and they want to be assured that traditional, mainstream moral values are reflected in our state laws and policies. ICE-PAC will advance this mission in a practical, strategic, and constructive manner.

Endorsing Pro Life Candidates

ICE-PAC will support Illinois elected officials and candidates who recognize these concerns and who are willing to address them. We will endorse and give campaign support to Illinois candidates who are enthusiastically pro-life and support the right to life agenda. We will also defend elected officials who “cross the aisle” and become deciding votes on important moral issues, if they subsequently come under attack from anti-family-value political action committees, as a direct result of their pro-family-value votes.

Promoting Ethics and Morality in Democracy

ICE-PAC will take actions to promote moral issues and positively influence the democratic process in order to ensure that these pro-life, pro-family values are reflected in decisions made in Springfield, Illinois.  Click here to find your representatives.

ICE-PAC strives to take back the narrative from the abortion lobby by implementing a strategic plan in several Illinois districts in 2020.


Opinion & News

Learn about recent activities of Illinois Citizens for Ethics, recent legislation, and news that affects families from Springfield and throughout Illinois. 

Pritzker Chooses Ideology Over Lives

Pritzker Chooses Ideology Over Lives

As medical clinics of all sizes across the country temporarily suspend non essential medical procedures to battle COVID-19, Illinois executive leadership (led by our Governor) is making sure anyone looking to end the life of an unborn baby can do so as if it's a normal day in the life of this country. I knew from the moment Governor Pritzker...

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The End of Gerrymandering in Illinois?

The End of Gerrymandering in Illinois?

Fair Maps Amendment will change the political landscape in Illinois You're likely thinking an end to gerrymandering is too good to be true.Well, I say "what do we have to lose" to try! The Fair Maps Amendment initiative, brought forth by former state representative Peter Breen, would take most (if not all) control of redistricting out of the...

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PAC vs Candidate Committee

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope it was a happy and blessed time for you. I'm so grateful for your support for ICE-PAC. Together, we battle the powerful abortion lobby in Springfield.  Thank you for being our partner in this worthy fight. Sometimes, it can get discouraging, but we must fight until every last unborn child is legally protected....

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Let the Abortion Money Flow

Let the Abortion Money Flow

Looks like the payoff for the SB 25 vote began over the summer. How about that?  The Q3 contributions that were reported by Personal PAC (Planned Parenthood's lobby arm) are in... and indicate just what I (and many of you) suspected:  A payoff!  Immediately after the vote, I said there were payoffs and trade offs made to get the necessary votes...

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