Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry now want to overturn the parental notice of abortion act.

I am a bit surprised they didn’t shove it through in the spring session.   The Parental Notice of Abortion Act, that’s saved thousands of lives and protected thousands of under-aged girls since it has been enacted in 2013, is under attack! Yes, under this law, abortions on babies of minor girls in Illinois have declined 57%.  No wonder the abortion industry wants to eliminate it!

Now, the abortion zealots vow to bring it to a vote in the veto session, which begins today in Springfield.  
Here’s the article that addresses their intent. Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh is even quoted.  

These abortion zealots claim that girls of all ages should be able to make decisions about their ‘reproductive health’ without parental involvement.  Because, you know, girls know better!  That’s hogwash.  We all know enough about human development to know that under-aged girls (and boys) are not mentally mature enough to make life altering decisions alone…especially between the ages of 13 and 17. 

For Planned Parenthood, it’s not about the well being of women.  It’s about business.  That’s why they recently turned down $60 million in Title X funding.  They would rather strictly be in the business of ending lives as opposed to helping women with real health care, such as cancer prevention.  

With this push the repeal of parental notice may end up being the last wall to fall on “access to abortion” in Illinois.  
They’re definitely trying to make Illinois the abortion business capital of the Midwest; ensuring pregnant, vulnerable girls and women at any stage of pregnancy can come to Illinois to have their unborn babies killed for any reason, even if they’re being coerced by a pimp, abuser, molester, or sex trafficker…at the expense of the tax payer.

The Veto Session is only 6 days.

Oct 28, 29, 30 
Nov 12, 13, 14

We must be prepared to act and act quickly.  That’s why you should contact your state representative and senator this week asking him/her to oppose HB 2467/ SB 1495…and get your church, friends, and community educated and activated with our 
downloadable information.

The repeal may just happen when we least expect it to.

Did you know?

• Repealing parental notification allows older men to use abortion to conceal evidence of their sexual abuse of minor girls. 
• 32% of teen mothers ages 15-17 are impregnated by men older than 20. (National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy) 
• The current Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act already provides options for girls in extenuating circumstances (such as abuse by a guardian) to obtain an abortion without an adult family member being notified. 
• Over 80% of the population supports parental notification for a minor to have abortion.  
• In Illinois, a minor can’t get a tattoo without the consent (not just notification) of a parent or legal guardian. 
• Families are unable to provide appropriate aftercare for their girls, such as extra support or post-abortion counseling, if this information is withheld from them. 
• According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, abortions on minors have dropped 57% since 2013 when the Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act took effect, compared with just a 15% decline in the general population. There have been no reports of a minor being abused or neglected as a result of notification. 

ICE-PAC (& Girls’ Health First) is here to help you put the heat on your state representative and senator?

First off, contact your legislators!  Find them here.

Secondly, get your church to speak out!  Download the 
Fact SheetFlyer and FAQ Sheet provided on our Girls’ Health First website.  Contact me about customizing the flyer to your area.

Lastly, sign the online petition and share it with your friends!  I’ll make sure House Speaker Madigan & Senate President Cullerton get a copy of it!

Hat’s off to Planned Parenthood (tongue and cheek)

Check out the mailing below that showed up in mailboxes in at least one district this week.  It was mailed by Planned Parenthood to promote a legislator who voted in favor of SB 25.  (Let me know if you received one in your mailbox)

Planned Parenthood has plenty of funds to do these types of mailings…the kind of mailings that ICE-PAC would love to do in key districts across Illinois on a regular basis.  Sure, we can do a mailing here and there, but we are not yet able to do it across Illinois in every district we should be targeting.  These types of mailings can be very effective and help change the narrative that I continue to speak about.  

Here is the picture of the mailing

A mailing from Planned Parenthood to voters praising the legislators who voted in favor of the Reproductive Health Act (SB 25).

…but it takes money.  So please consider making a sacrificial contribution  

It’s imperative that pro-life advocates like you add ICE-PAC to your regular list of pro-life giving.  We’re on the front lines in Springfield and in districts across the state.  The laws that are passed by our elected officials determine who lives and dies on a daily basis.  Tragically, unborn babies have little to no protection in Illinois. 

When Roe V Wade falls, Illinois will be the last stand for the abortion industry.  Your support now will determine how long that last stand will be.  

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Imagine if this was a state-wide pro-life mailing!

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