Fair Maps Amendment will change the political landscape in Illinois

You’re likely thinking an end to gerrymandering is too good to be true.
Well, I say “what do we have to lose” to try!

The Fair Maps Amendment initiative, brought forth by former state representative Peter Breen, would take most (if not all) control of redistricting out of the hands of Madigan and his machine.

Just take a glimpse at the zigzags & jettisons of the map (below) of Northern Illinois.  We’ve been dealing with this for the past decade.  It’s like a slot machine programmed to benefit the casino.  Sure, you may win here or there, but by the end of the night, on average the house will clean your wallet.

Madigan & the abortion lobby are drooling.
If you think this map is stacked against us, just wait until Madigan gets a hold of the process when the maps have to be redrawn next year;  this time with a super majority in each of the house and senate chambers, along with a Democrat governor.  

They’ll be looking to create even more pro-abortion districts, potentially removing any pro-life district in Cook County and all its collar counties.  He’ll have free reign to do so, giving us another decade of Madigan control of legislation.  The pro-abortion super majority would be an understatement!

And we all know Madigan and the abortion lobby are looking to set up Illinois as the Midwest Abortion Haven for the long term.  We should be concerned.

But it doesn’t have to be!

By collecting (1) collecting signatures, (2) surviving a judicial challenge, and (3) getting a majority of votes in the 2020 general election, we’ll not only avoid a super-super pro-abortion majority but we’ll actually pick up more pro-life seats!

If the referendum ends up passing in 2020, I actually think we may pick up approximately ten pro-life seats…and that doesn’t take into consideration the results of the 2020 election!  Peter Breen explains the Fair Maps initiative on the website FairMaps.com.  Check it out.

What I’m asking of you

  1. Please print the petition sheet and instructions by clicking here
  2. Get your friends and family to sign a minimum of one sheet
  3. Ask your friends and family to also collect signatures
  4. Return by the deadline
  5. Make a donation to help us get more signatures 

We need a minimum of 500,000 signatures in order to make this a reality, so please take action. 
The Fair Maps Initiative gives us a chance to make a difference in our state that could be felt for a decade.
Let’s take action!