Help us continue to work for mainstream, common-sense pro-life policies in Springfield. Your donation will help us to fund campaign defense for pro-life-voting legislators, support for new viable pro-life candidates, and pro-life issue-awareness campaigns.

Giving to our Political Action Committee ensures your contribution will be put to use supporting the values you care about.  We strategically and professionally spend money to educate voters on these issues in critical races across Illinois.  Plain and simple, your contribution is used to impact the most important elections pertaining to mainstream family values..

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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

To Pay by check, make payable to Illinois Citizens for Ethics, and mail to:

Illinois Citizens for Ethics
PO Box 101158
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Please note that contributions to ICE-PAC are not tax-deductible.