As medical clinics of all sizes across the country temporarily suspend non essential medical procedures to battle COVID-19, Illinois executive leadership (led by our Governor) is making sure anyone looking to end the life of an unborn baby can do so as if it’s a normal day in the life of this country.

I knew from the moment Governor Pritzker pushed for and signed the Reproductive Health Act, allowing abortion for up to the moment of birth and removing all meaningful health and safety regulations of abortion clinics, that he was choosing ideology over lives.  

Sadly, as we battle COVID-19, which is killing thousands of people across the world, Governor Pritzker is doubling down on his ideology, putting abortion clinic profits above all else.

As the Department of Health and Human Services is requesting all non-essential medical procedures to halt temporarily nation-wide, Governor Pritzker explicitly included Reproductive Health Centers (aka abortion clinics) as essential in Illinois.  You can read his official document here.
Not only are these non-essential human interactions risking the spread of COVID-19, the personal protective equipment (including gloves, masks, safety glasses and shoe coverings) are being used at the expense of those needed by medical personnel on the front-line of the COVID-19 fight.

Not Abortion Clinics
Medical clinics of all types are either temporarily shutting their doors or limiting interaction with patients in order to help prevent the infection rate of COVID-19 and to help ensure their safety equipment goes to front-line personnel.  

Not abortion clinics! Because most, if not all, abortion clinic owners are ideologically and profit driven, they’re choosing to remain open in this critical period, putting countless lives at risk.  Some states have EXPLICITLY included abortion as an unnecessary medical procedure and mandated them to suspend surgical abortions (such as Ohio, Maryland, and Texas).  Not Illinois!  Governor Pritzker made sure to allow abortion clinics to remain open, operating as if COVID-19 wasn’t a risk to society.

But what about the life of the mother?
Well, the “life of the mother” argument has been debunked time and time again.  But, even IF it were a valid argument to keep abortion available during this critical period, there are plenty of hospitals in Illinois that will end the life of a baby in an emergency situation.  There just is no reason to allow thousands upon thousands of people to walk in and out of abortion clinics during this “shelter in place” order for the rare case that a mother chooses abortion to save her own life.  

Please help us get signatures to sign the petition
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Abortion is just not essential, ever.  

Allowing profitable abortion clinics to remain open is putting countless lives at risk.

By signing the ICE-PAC petition, we’ll show Governor Pritzker and his team that in order to save the maximum number of lives, abortion clinics need to temporarily halt close interactions with patients.

And don’t forget to call his office, telling a live representative this truth. 


Thank you for speaking out in this important time of our lives!