HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope it was a happy and blessed time for you. I’m so grateful for your support for ICE-PAC. Together, we battle the powerful abortion lobby in Springfield.  Thank you for being our partner in this worthy fight. Sometimes, it can get discouraging, but we must fight until every last unborn child is legally protected. Why would a union leader call ICE-PAC for help? A couple of weeks ago a union leader called our office looking for assistance in getting a financial contribution returned from the political coffers of Rep Luis Arroyo.  You know, the rep who was arrested on bribery charges. I know, it’s hard to keep track of all these political arrests/indictments. Anyway, the union leader feels the union deserves its thousands of dollars back.  They felt betrayed. I’d feel the same way.  Ultimately, I told him he needs to contact the State Board of Elections.   If you’re wondering why he called ICE-PAC, it probably had something to do with his Google search results of “Illinois politics and ethics” or maybe one of our facebook posts about Arroyo’s arrest.  Who knows. So, it got me thinking. There’s a sentiment that financial contributions to PAC’s aren’t as beneficial as direct financial contributions to candidates.  I see first hand this is not true.  Well, that is, depending on your intention.   Putting political corruption aside, there are definitely more reasons not to give directly to a candidate… especially if you’re against abortion.   If you are happy with giving a candidate money to run a campaign, paying office expenses, postage, staff, etc…then fine.  Give directly to a candidate.  But if you’re looking to help a candidate because he/she is a pro-life advocate who will help protect innocent lives, then I believe you should reconsider before putting the candidate’s name on the check.  UNFORTUNATELY, WE’RE LOSING ILLINOIS TO THE ABORTION LOBBY BECAUSE WE’RE NOT MORE STRATEGIC WITH OUR MONEY. Look. PAC’s exist for a reason. Normally PAC’s represent a group of concerned individuals who are unable to influence legislators on an individual basis.  Stong PAC’s not only help get an endorsed candidate elected, but also help sway their vote on issues relevant to the individuals’ shared concerns.   For ICE-PAC supporters, The shared concern is primarily abortion. I’d be the first to tell you to give money directly to your favorite candidates if I saw the money being spent on pro-life outreach.  It’s not.  At least in an effective and persuadable way.  You see, we’re losing lives in Illinois because the abortion lobby is doing a better job reaching key voting demographics; leading to horrendous anti-life laws. Led by Personal PAC, the largest pro-abortion PAC in Illinois, great candidates such as Peter Breen, Tom Morrison, Mark Batinick, and others are being pitted as extremists for standing for innocent babies.  If pro-life candidates in key swing districts win elections, it’s in spite of the onslaught of false attacks. Pro-life candidates normally are strong and bold in their conviction, and have great stories to tell of why they’re pro-life, but sadly, this information barely (if at all) reaches the voters who dictate the election results:  Independent voters. Independent voters (who don’t necessarily identify as Republican or Democrat) primarily determine the results in key swing districts.  The abortion lobby knows this and tells them that the pro-life candidate is out-of-touch and extreme for opposing abortion.  DO THE FALSE ATTACKS BY THE ABORTION LOBBY WORK? They definitely do!  Why else would the abortion lobby spend all the money it does reaching them? You see, when an independent voter sees and hears message after message on TV, radio, internet, mail, and more that the pro-life candidate is extreme (falsely of course), but doesn’t see ANY message claiming otherwise, don’t you think the message will resonate in some people’s minds, even subconsciously? The human mind is impressionable.  Political marketers know this. Especially on persuadable independent voters.  That’s partly what makes them ‘indpendendent.’ Though “Peter hates women,” “Tom wants to lock up women for having an abortion,” and “Mark opposes women getting rape test kits” are nonsense, these messages get people to think.  If there is no counter message from a pro-life perspective, the average independent voter may think the message is exaggerated, but there must be some truth to it.  Especially considering they aren’t hearing otherwise. JUST LET THE PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE DO THE PRO-LIFE OUTREACH? You’ll get a candidate here and there to send out a mailing to pro-life voters to tell them they are the pro-life choice, but you’ll not find many candidates in Illinois who are able and willing to reach independent voters effectively. So, until you find a candidate who not only shares your view of the unborn, but is willing and capable to effectively get their pro-life message out in a winning way with directly using your donation, then you may want to consider supporting an effective pro-life Political Action Committee where your donation will be pooled with like-minded individuals. SO, SUPPORT ICE-PAC ON #GIVINGTUESDAY WITH A RECURRING CONTRIBUTION. We’re strategically poised to influence key races in 2020.  We’re already planning & coordinating with candidates in key districts.   Rest assured, your contribution to ICE-PAC will only be spent in support of our mission. 
MAKE YOUR ICE-PAC DONATION RECURRING! ICE-PAC is using #GivingTuesday to encourage our our supporters to make a recurring contribution.  Making your contribution automatic will allow us to effectively budget and plan better.  It’s convenient and hassle free.  Don’t let your busy life get in the way of remembering to give in the future, when you know you want to.   So, please consider making your contribution monthly, quarterly, or annually.   Help me reach my goal of $1000 and 10 new recurring contributions.   It’s our first time actively using #GivingTuesday to raise support, but I believe the goal of $1k and 10 new recurring donations is attainable.  Don’t you?   With your financial support, we can grow our presence across Illinois, impacting more meaningful races in 2020.  Thank you for your commitment to our mission. For life,

Ps.  My email focused more on why give to ICE-PAC instead of directly to a pro-life candidate.  In future emails I’ll give you other compelling reasons to do so.  In fact, I’ve identified at least 5 solid reasons to support a pro-life PAC, such as ICE-PAC, instead of directly contributing to a candidate.

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