2018 Endorsed Illinois House and Senate District Candidates 

ICE-PAC supports Illinois candidates who will make and keep commitments to promote and protect laws that will reduce the number of abortions in our state, value human life, advance family stability, and honor traditional marriage.  

Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh, Chairman of ICE-PAC, states, “Illinois Citizens for Ethics has an outstanding track record of identifying candidates who will be effective advocates for the cause of life, and providing meaningful support to get them over the top to victory. We’re proud of our “ICE-PAC grads” – men and women who are transforming the culture in the Illinois General Assembly, including Jeanne Ives, Tom Morrison, Dan McConchie, David McSweeney and Peter Breen.”  

“Illinois has been thrown into a state of moral and fiscal chaos and decline, in large part due to the poor vision and policy put forth by failing legislators in Springfield,” stated Hengesbaugh.  “These high-quality candidates have demonstrated that they will stand up for mainstream values important for life and family, and provide effective and grounded leadership to right the helm and get Illinois back on track.”  

Illinois Citizens for Ethics, a bi-partisan grassroots based political action committee, is dedicated to supporting the following high-quality candidates. 

42nd House District  Amy Grant (R) 
46th House District  Gordon (Jay) Kinzler (R) 
48th House District  Peter Breen (R) 
49th House District  Tonia Khouri (R) 
53rd House District  Eddie Corrigan (R) 
54th House District  Tom Morrison (R) 
55th House District  Marilyn Smolenski (R) 
61st House District  Sheri Jesiel (R) 
65th House District  Dan Ugaste (R) 
79th House District  Lindsay Parkhurst (R) | Lisa M. Dugan (D) 
97th House District  Mark Batinick (R) 
112th House District  Dwight Kay (R) 
116th House District  Jerry Costello II (D) | David Friess (R) 
117th House District  Dave Severin (R) | Jason Woolard (D) 
118th House District  Natalie Phelps Finnie (D) | Patrick Windhorst (R) 
26th Senate District  Dan McConchie (R) 

Financial contributions made to ICE-PAC up until Friday, November 2 will go directly to help our endorsed candidates.  Thank you for your support of our mission.