In this critical point in human history, where millions of lives are at stake, Governor Pritzker and his team have chosen ideology over the lives of Illinois residents.  As the Department of Health and Human Services is requesting all non-essential medical procedures to halt temporarily nation-wide, Governor Pritzker explicitly included Reproductive Health Centers (aka abortion clinics) as essential in Illinois.  This classification is allowing all abortion clinics to operate as normal, performing hundreds of elective abortions every day.  Not only are these human interactions risking the spread of COVID-19, the medical safety equipment (beginning with masks and gowns) are being used at the expense of those needed by medical personnel on the front-line of the COVID-19 fight.

Please speak out by signing this petition below, requesting Governor Pritzker to suspend ALL non-essential medical procedures; including abortion.

Then please call his office and speak to a live representative, demanding the same: 

312-814-2121 (Chicago)  

217-782-6830 (Springfield)