ICE-PAC was closely involved with the effort to defeat House Bill 317 in the spring of 2007. This bill, if passed, would have repealed Illinois’ parental notice law for abortions performed on minors.

On March 21, 2007, we sent a letter to all members of the General Assembly exposing the flaws in HB 317.

In late April 2007, we sponsored telephone and direct-mail campaigns in critical districts to solidify the vote against HB317. Our flyer opposing the repeal of the Parental Notice of Abortion was mailed on March 23, 2007.

The floor vote on HB 317 took place on April 26, 2007. We have recorded how all Illinois House members voted. A “yes” vote is a vote to repeal Parental Notice law, and a “no” vote is a vote to uphold it.