You’ll never see parades the same 

I came across a website that provides tips and tricks to elected officials and candidates recommending that they walk in their community parades.

Here are a few pieces of advice it provided:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve a spot 
  2. Recruit many volunteers to walk
  3. Pass out material
  4. Smile and be energetic
  5. Don’t hit children with candy
There’s one point I want to expand upon.  No, not point #5.

#2: Recruiting volunteers to walk

This year I’ve seen request after request by legislators in email and social media requesting volunteers to walk with them in their local parades this year. 

They’re getting the hint:  Public perception is half the battle to gaining public trust.

…and they know it can go a long way in swaying voters for the 2020 election.
In light of the past legislative session, they know how many more people are paying attention to local and state politics.

There’s a big difference between 5 people and 25 people, so please consider joining in on the fun by walking with a pro-life legislator!  I’ll likely be walking with State Representative Tom Morrison in Rolling Meadows on July 4 at 11:00 am.  Here’s the event info on FB.  If you live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I hope you can join me.

If you don’t have a good representative to walk with, then consider walking in another parade in a nearby district. 

Or…walk with your local pro-life organization!  
Last week I told you about the pro-life float in the Glen Ellyn parade.  Here are a couple more pro-life floats you may want to join:

  • Join Downers Grove Citizens for Life in the Downers Grove 4th of July parade.  Drop off point: D.G. North High School Parking. Access the parking lot by going north on Highland off Grant St. (Parking is limited nearby, so get dropped off, park in a commuter lot and walk north, or ride your bike!) Drop off time: noon to 12:15. Look for our D.G.Citizens for Life Banner. Our placement in the parade lineup will be #315. Parade steps off at 1:00 pm SHARP.
  • March in the Palatine Hometown Parade with NorthWest Families for Life Saturday, July 6, 11:00 am  Meet at 10:45 am at spot #37 (out of 78) lined up on Wood St. just east of Quentin Rd.  Look for the balloons saying “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!”  FB event page.  Contact Maria to RSVP at 
If you join a float this week, take pictures, post them on social media, and send us some to share in an upcoming email.

…and it’s NOT too early to start planning for Labor Day weekend.  If you’re called to create your own pro-life float for your local parade, give us a buzz.

Have a Blessed Independence Day

I am the first to forget to appreciate the meaning of this special American Holiday, especially in the midst of family gatherings, travel, and watching fireworks.  You may be the same way.

Therefore, I suggest taking just a minute after reading this to give God thanks for your life and liberty given to us by God and recognized by our great country.  

And in your prayer, ask that God grant Mercy on our country by freeing it from the legal oppression it still imposes on a big percentage of people:  unborn human beings.

We cannot truly call us free from oppression until we grant freedom to our unborn brothers and sisters.