Last month I had a little take on the 4,000+ people who showed up to Springfield in March to protest extreme abortion legislation.  Read it here.
    In the end, unrestricted abortion is now the law of the land of Illinois.  In the end, the powerful abortion lobby flexed their muscle to get the votes it needed.

    Here’s another staggering number:  Over 2,000 dead babies were found preserved on the property of an abortionist in Crete, Illinois.  

    It’s tragic, yes.  But the real tragedy was the death of these babies, along with the death of the thousands of others of lives this abortionist is responsible for.  The worst part about it is that they were killed legally, with the support and applause of many politicians and organizers that supposedly stand up for human rights but are blind to the greatest human rights tragedy of our time.

    A political perspective on this story

    Did you read or hear any statement released by any pro-abortion elected official in Illinois?  Me neither.
    Don’t hold your breath for Speaker Madigan, Governor Pritzker, Senate President Cullerton, or the rest of Planned Parenthood’s friends in Springfield to say a word.  

    I hope you’re not wondering when Kwame Raul will hold a press conference.  It’s not worth the time or energy for you to do so.

    Think they would even express one ounce of sympathy for those babies?  Well, not publicly.  Were they posting stories about it on their social media platforms?  As if.  Imagine the political ramifications from the abortion lobby if they had any meaningful posts/comments about it.  

    Plus, acknowledging the dignity of these babies in any form would require them to figure out why the babies deserve any dignity in the first place.  Using this logic may just be a little too inconvenient.  

    I’m at least happy to know that the leading government officials of Indiana have acknowledged these babies, acknowledged their deaths, and vowed to take meaningful action to prosecute anyone who was responsible (apart from the abortionist).  Yes, there are many state leaders across this country who have a heart for the most vulnerable among us. 

    Another Secret Planned Parenthood Opening

    Planned Parenthood is taking quick advantage of the passage of The Reproductive Health Act (SB 25) by opening a new mega center in Fareview Heights, which is a suburb of St. Louis.  The St. Louis market is big business for Planned Parenthood.

    It’s no surprise they were secretive of the building of the abortion mega center.  It’s what they do best.  The Planned Parenthood spokesperson even acknowledged why?  Because delays would be inevitable due to public outrage.  
    She even mentioned the fact that workers/contractors may have pulled out of the construction if they knew they were building an abortion center.  Yes, they even duped the very workers who built the center.  That’s callous!
    That could have been you, who put your sweat into building it, only to find out you indirectly contributed (unknowingly) to the death of thousands of babies.  

    This is exactly my point.  The abortion industry doesn’t care about women, or anyone’s conscience.  It cares about money and power.  That’s why they hid behind fuzzy and misleading wording, catch phrases, and slogans in pushing the most extreme piece of abortion legislation in American history.  

    In the end, abortion and all that it is (death and destruction) is not palatable to the majority of residents of our great state.  Only in secrecy and ambiguity can it survive (pun intended).  Like the Nazi regime, though, it’s reign will eventually come to an end.

    By the way, join the protest!

    Wednesday, October 9
    5:30 – 7:30 pm
    Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Mega Center
    317 Salem Pl, Fairview Heights, IL 62208