Illinois Citizens for Ethics (ICE-PAC)

The mission of ICE-PAC is to influence public policy decisions made at the state level by supporting Illinois candidates and issues that value human life, advance family stability, and uphold the dignity of all people.

Traditional Mainstream Values Reflected in Illinois Laws

Many citizens in Illinois are concerned about issues of life, family and dignity, but need a vehicle to express their opinions. Illinois citizens want their voices on right-to-life to be heard, and they want to be assured that traditional, mainstream moral values are reflected in our state laws and policies.

ICE-PAC will advance this mission in a practical, strategic, and constructive manner.

Endorsing Pro Life Candidates

ICE-PAC will support Illinois elected officials and candidates who recognize these concerns and who are willing to address them. We will endorse and give campaign support to Illinois candidates who are enthusiastically pro-life and support the right to life agenda. We will also defend elected officials who “cross the aisle” and become deciding votes on important moral issues, if they subsequently come under attack from anti-family-value political action committees, as a direct result of their pro-family-value votes.

Find My Representative

Being connected to your representatives is important for the democratic process.  ICE-PAC encourages every person concerned with right-to-life policies to be in regular communication with their elected representatives.

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