Illinois Citizens for Ethics, a statewide political action committee, celebrates the election of David McSweeney as State Representative for the 52nd District. McSweeney defeated Independent Dee Beaubien, who received significant funding from abortion advocacy groups.

“When Beaubien announced her candidacy and Personal PAC said they would spend whatever was necessary to get her elected, we knew we had to get involved in this race,” said Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh, Spokeswoman for ICE-PAC.  “Personal PAC’s policy positions are way out of step with the values of the general public. This is a group that supports taxpayer-funded abortion, opposes laws that ensure informed consent for women who are seeking abortions, and opposes a parent’s right to know about a minor daughter’s abortion and won’t endorse candidates unless they fully support this agenda.”

Over the past month, ICE-PAC volunteers worked tirelessly to raise awareness among constituents in the 52nd District of Beaubien’s radical views on abortion, and to encourage them to vote for pro-life McSweeney. “Pro-life and family values are clearly important to the residents of this district, and our message obviously resonated,” Hengesbaugh stated. “McSweeney’s victory proves that supporting common-sense pro-life laws is a winning strategy for those seeking public office in Illinois.”

Hengesbaugh also noted that pro-choice groups donated over $100,000 to Beaubien’s campaign, while ICE-PAC spent a fraction of that – just under $2,000 – on voter education materials. “Personal PAC and Dee Beaubien may have had more money, but ICE-PAC volunteers and David McSweeney worked harder and are more in touch with the residents of the district,” she said. “We believe that the key is voter education, and this outcome confirms that.”