CHICAGO, IL — Illinois Citizens for Ethics, a new state political action committee, opposes the confirmation of abortion rights leader Terry Cosgrove to the Human Rights Commission.

After he was nominated for the position by Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, the Democratic-led state Senate today confirmed Cosgrove’s appointment to a term that will expire in January 2013. Thirty members voted in favor, 25 opposed, and two voted present.

Cosgrove has served since 1999 as President and CEO of Personal PAC, a political action committee that provides funding to “radically pro-abortion” candidates in Illinois, said Mary-Louise Kurey, Vice President of Public Relations for Illinois Citizens for Ethics. “In order to receive Personal PAC’s endorsement, candidates must agree with a number of extreme positions, including repealing Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion law for minor girls, and restoring public funding of abortion coverage through the state Medicaid plan. Overwhelming majorities of Illinois voters oppose such radical policies,” said Kurey.

Kurey also said that the appointment of Cosgrove was a conflict of interest and “an example of pay-to-play politics at its worst.” Cosgrove’s group spent more than $400,000 in support of Gov. Quinn’s reelection in November, purchasing mailers, robocalls and TV ads that focused on the strong pro-life views of his opponent Bill Brady. One of Brady’s top campaign officials blamed Personal PAC for Brady’s narrow loss.

“Personal PAC’s philosophy and political tactics are way out of step with the values of the general public,” said Kurey. “The citizens of our state deserve better than the leader of this group.”