The Illinois House & Illinois Senate were on the wrong side of history, passing extreme and anti-woman legislation in the so-called Reproductive Health Act.

We are grateful for all of the legislators who had the courage to vote No or Present on the Reproductive Health Act, standing with courage in the face of incredible pressure to our clinic profits above the safety of women and girls.

Those promoting this bill stand to financially profit from it – abortionists, and those whose campaigns are funded by them. But we see down the road the great harm that will come from the expansion of late-term abortions, the deregulation of abortion facilities, lack of transparency in reporting requirements, and the repeal of common sense regulations on abortion providers. Pro-life and reasonable pro-choice people came together to express concern, but we couldn’t overcome the money behind this bill.

Soon, we will hear reports of:

  • More women harmed from abortion complications
  • Lack of transparency and substandard care for women going to abortion facilities
  • Religious institutions forced into health insurance plans that cover abortion
  • Women pressured into post-viability abortions for reasons of “Familial Health”

The Illinois House and Senate have voted to put clinic profits above the safety of women and girls. We know some of those who voted Yes today think they are helping women. We stand ready to assist with common sense legislation that truly reflects the will of the people of Illinois when you discover your  mistake.

SB 25 Senate Vote:  34 Yes – 20 No – 3 Present

See how the State Senators voted  

See how the State Representatives voted

Time to make one last attempt…for the sake of life!

Flood the Governor’s Phone Lines before he signs SB 25 into law
217-782-6830 (Springfield) 
312-814-2121 (Chicago)

SB 25 was amended last minute and provided several legislators reason to now support it.
Unfortunately, the bill is nearly as extreme as original version. Apart from including conscience protections (which will likely be challenged) The bill leaves key controversial aspects, particularly in regards to the definition of “viability” and “health of the mother.”

During legislative hearings and debates, the bill proponents have yet to produce one scenario where a pregnant woman wouldn’t be refused for an abortion on a late term, completely health baby.

Girls’ Health First responded in quick fashion by creating an important fact sheet. It was quickly distributed to key legislators in the House and Senate.

You can download it here.

The information will be useful to discuss with your legislators, church leaders, and family/friends.

It’s important the general public knows what’s coming to Illinois.