Michigan lawmakers gave final legislative approval today to the key bill
in their latest attempt to enact a state-level ban on partial-birth
abortion. The bill that would put a ban in state law was approved by a
75-34 vote in the House and a 29-9 vote in the Senate, and now heads to
Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. The bill was backed mostly by Republicans
who hold the majority in the legislature, but some Democrats also
supported it.

Michigan lawmakers have unsuccessfully tried multiple times for more
than a decade to enact a state-level ban, most recently because of court
rulings and vetoes from then-Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Snyder
succeeded Granholm in January and is likely to sign the bill, depending
on a final review and if it’s consistent with a federal law that already
bans the late-term procedure.

Opponents say the federal ban makes the Michigan proposal redundant.
Supporters say a state ban would make it easier to prosecute cases in
Michigan and keep the ban in place in case the federal law changes.

Source: Houston Chronicle