Planned Parenthood has begun using the RU-486 webcam abortion technique
in Minnesota. According to Planned Parenthood Minnesota spokesperson
Connie Lewis, the organization began providing webcam abortions at their
Rochester, Minnesota clinic. This marks the first time that Planned
Parenthood Minnesota has expanded its abortion practice beyond its St.
Paul, Minnesota abortion center.

Webcam abortions were initiated by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland
and piloted in Iowa where 2,000 of these abortions took place, with the
intention of exporting this technique to other states. A woman enters a
Planned Parenthood facility and discusses her abortion by webcam with an
abortionist in another city or perhaps even another state. After the
information exchange, the abortionist presses a button which opens a
drawer at the woman’s location. Her abortion drugs (RU-486 and
prostaglandin, a labor-inducing drug) are in the drawer and the
abortionist watches her take the medication via webcam. The woman is
never examined by the physician.

A spokesperson for Wisconsin Right to Life said that legislation is
pending in Wisconsin’s state legislature to stop webcam abortions from
coming to that state.

Source: ProLifeBlogs,com