Challenged provisions of a 2009 law restricting abortions in Arizona
took effect today because Planned Parenthood Arizona decided against
appealing a state-court ruling denying its earlier challenge to the law.
As a result, the new provisions begin today.

They include:

  • Requiring a woman seeking an abortion to meet in person with a doctor 24 hours before the scheduled abortion.
  • Allowing only physicians to perform first-trimester surgical abortions.
  • Requiring that parental consent for minors seeking an abortion be notarized.
  • Allowing health-care workers, including pharmacists, to decline to
    provide information or access to abortion, emergency contraception or
    birth control based on their personal beliefs.

Citing a shortage of physicians and other factors, Planned Parenthood
said it has already scaled back its abortion services in response to the
new restrictions.

Source: The Arizona Republic