Building momentum on an important initiative 

This spring, Girls’ Health First made big waves in Springfield this year, despite the tragic ending to the spring session.
Planned Parenthood even had to issue a letter to every legislator attempting to discredit the advocates who showed up throughout the spring session in opposition to the radical abortion bill SB 25.  

Well, Girls’ Health First is continuing to grow.  We’re positioning this initiative to be a force for under-aged girls across Illinois.

Why did I start it?
I started Girls’ Health First because I saw a void.  Planned Parenthood and it’s allies have done a tremendous job in being the “voice of Illinois girls” for far too long.  These powerful people and businesses ultimately have the interest of big abortion, not girls (let alone women).  You and I know that keeping girls away from risky behavior ultimately is the best for them.  

Join me and Dr. Karen Dalton on October 13
I’m excited to have Dr. Karen Dalton join me in addressing the issues facing Illinois girls this fall and beyond.
The evening will be a chance for women across the Chicago Land Area to connect, be empowered, and become a part of the voice for under-aged girls.

What:  Protecting Our Daughter’s Reception
When:  Sunday, October 13 from 6 – 8 pm
Where:  La Barra of Oak Brook

It’s going to be an intimate, low key, casual event.  Nothing pretentious. But it will be for women only, pre-teen and older.  Though men are an important part of protecting under-aged girls, this movement has been organized by women; and will continue to be so.

If you’re a man, please share this email with the women in your life.  I hope they will be intrigued by what we are doing and would like to be a part of it.

Thank you for your support.

Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh
Lead Advocate, Girls’ Health First