The Illinois Department of Public Health has suspended the operating
license for the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, a Rockford abortion
clinic. According to a notice written by the state department, it “found
conditions that are directly threatening to the public interest,
health, safety, and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

The state conducted an inspection of the facility June 6 through 8 and
observed violations of the Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center
Licensing Requirements Code and Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.
The clinic received a plan of correction and remained open, and the
state continued to monitor its progress.

On Sept. 15, the state returned to the clinic for a follow-up inspection
and once again observed violations. The center has a right to a hearing
on the suspension and is expected to file a written answer to the
state’s allegations.  The suspension is effective immediately and
continues until further notice.

Source: Rockford Register Star