Happy September!  I think.  

Summer came and went quickly, as it usually does!  I last sent an email on August 8, as part of our fundraising appeal. It feels like yesterday!  It was a soft launch of the appeal, but we’ll be turning on the heat this fall.  That’s because the next election is nearly here.

The more money we raise means the more influence we can have in Springfield.  Think of it as strengthening our pro-life political muscle.
And let’s just say, ICE-PAC is looking to put on a few pounds of muscle. 
It’s really the only way to reclaim the narrative that I’ve been speaking about and to turn the table on the abortion lobby.

More on this in a bit.

First, Tuesday, September 3 was the unofficial start to the 2020 campaign season.  That’s because it’s the first day candidates can start circulating petitions to get on the primary ballot.  

If you aren’t yet plugged into any campaigns, just let me know.  You know, even sitting legislators must collect enough signatures to be re-elected. If you want to help in this process, please reply to this email or call me.  I’ll plug you into a campaign in a district near you.

My pulse on the political landscape

I’m sure you’ve seen blurbs and snippets of information over the summer regarding the makeup of the Illinois General Assembly.

Here are just a few you may have seen:

  • Senator Tom Cullerton indicted on embezzlement charges. (By the way, Illinois was ranked 3rd most corrupt state. who knew it wasn’t first?)
  • State Rep Mike McAuliffe (R) Retires and Brad Stephens (R) of Rosemont replaces him.
  • Former State Rep Jeanne Ives runs for US Congress.
  • Jim Oberweis (R) vacates his Senate seat to run for US Congress.
  • Former State Rep Lou Lang (D) vows to find a pro-abortion candidate to challenge Rep Kalish (D) for voting NO on the Reproductive Health Act.
  • Bobby Olson (D) announces a challenge to pro-abortion Rep Theresa Mah (D) for being too extreme for the 2nd House District on the SW side of Chicago.
  • Pro-Life State Rep David McSweeney (R) is vacating his seat to run for a state wide seat, likely for US Senate in 2022.
  • State Rep Karina Villa (D) decides to run for State Senate seat being vacated by Jim Oberweis (R).
  • Darren Bailey (R) decides to run for State Senate.
  • Pastor Cory Musgrave (R) announces bid for seat being vacated by Darren Bailey (R).
  • State Rep Anne Stava-Murray (D) changes her mind and decides not to challenge Dick Durbin for the Democrat nomination for US Senate.
  • and much more…
Needless to say, this summer was very active when it came to Illinois politics.  Many changes occurred!

But I’m anxious to make 2020 one of the biggest changes in recent history; looking to flip several seats from pro-abortion to pro-life.

But, we cannot flip the seats we need without political muscle…pro-life political muscle!

On March 20, we arguably hosted the largest pro-life rally in a state capitol building in US History (Virginia has since topped it) with over 4,000 people packing it in protest over the Reproductive Health Act.

Many fine folks figured that was the statement needed to prevent the bill from moving.  Well, they underestimated the power the abortion lobby has over many legislators.  

When all was said and done, the huge rally meant very little!  There just wasn’t any political muscle behind it. Very little!

When the dust settled, several legislators who were on the fence (and even opposed to the extreme nature of the bill)  voted in favor of the bill because THEY WERE STRONG ARMED by the powerful abortion lobby.

The abortion lobby made sure there were enough votes, not by hosting large rallies…but by flexing their muscles.  They used their political muscles to promise campaign contributions and grant special earmarks (through the budget).  They also promised to withhold campaign contributions for those who voted against the bill…and even challenge Democratic lawmakers in the primary if they did so.

The abortion lobby, led by Personal PAC, could only do this because of the money it has on hand. 
In fact, Personal PAC has nearly $1.5 million in the bank right now.  

In the end, their rally in Springfield in May, which may have topped 150 people, was much more effective than our rally of over 4,000 because they had the political muscle to back it up.

In Illinois politics, money = strength.  

So, please help us bulk up to save lives with a contribution today.

Contribute $25
Contribute $50
Contribute $100 or More

Changing the narrative is our goal!

In the 2018 election, it was apparent the abortion lobby, led by Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood, essentially had a monopoly on the narrative.  Sadly, they’ve effectively had it for the last few decades in Illinois.  It only became obvious after these groups spent more money in 2018 than any other election year before.  More than anyone imagined.  

Their political muscle made some big waves in Illinois.  Why? 
Because there wasn’t a concerted pro-life counter message to weaken them.  
Apart from our work in a few races, no group, on a major level (including the Republican party leadership), effectively defended those pro-life legislators and candidates from the false & misleading attacks, and no group tried calling out the real extremists: Candidates who support unrestricted abortion up until – and perhaps even after – birth.  

Your support will help us reclaim the narrative from the abortion industry
ICE-PAC strives to take back the narrative from the abortion lobby by implementing a strategic plan in several districts in 2020.  For example, there is no reason why Anne Stava Murray (D) of Downers Grove (co-sponsor of the RHA) should survive an election in a conservative leaning district. 
Or how about Karina VillaTerra Costa HowardDiane Pappas, and Suzy Glowiak…all from Dupage County? 
No other vote of theirs should even need to be considered.  

Their enthusiastic support of the RHA should be Game, Set, Match for their pro-life opponents.

So, please help us flex some pro-life political muscle in 2020 with a financial contribution.  

Help build ICE-PAC’s Muscle Now With a Financial Contribution

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