Be a part of our summer planning and let’s socialize!

Screen time is getting old, fast!  By June we’ll be more than ready to mix and mingle with all our friends and family. IN PERSON, THAT IS!  

So, why not mix and mingle to help pro-life candidates defeat pro-abortion extremists? Don’t forget, a major election is right around the corner.

Since the primary election on March 17, we’ve been ordered to shelter at home.  It’s not easy to raise needed funds from home.  That’s why you’re needed more than ever!  You have to help us catch up on fundraising; especially once summer hits!

Fundraising is the fuel that powers the campaign engine.  It’s no different for ICE-PAC, as we fight to influence key races throughout Illinois. Our summer planning will include multiple private/intimate events throughout Illinois, to support our mission of sending great pro-life legislators to Springfield.  What a better reason to get your like-minded friends and relatives together; to help us achieve this goal.

In the hopes the “shelter at home” guidelines will be lifted by June, we are expecting everyone to find time not only to enjoy the summer weather, but to SOCIALIZE! in PERSON!  What a better reason to get your like-minded friends and relatives together in support of a life-saving mission.

So, we need you to host a pro-life social!

Yes, you!  What a better way to reclaim this in-person socializing void than to plan your own little event.  Think cocktail hours, high teas, dinners, lunches, or even breakfasts.  One couple is hosting an evening cocktail party on their beautiful patio under the evening stars.  Another is already thinking about hosting a backyard corn hole (aka bags) tournament in support of our mission.  I’ll even be personally hosting something.

No matter what, ICE-PAC will help you plan it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Maybe it’s at your house, at a local restaurant, at your clubhouse, or on the patio of your your country club!  Outdoors would be great!  If you don’t have that perfect spot in mind, you may want to call on a friend to host something!

An ICE-PAC representative (or two) would likely join the event and help. 

So, let’s get it done, because there’s no time to waste as we get these great candidates to the finish line victoriously!

Is this getting you excited about socializing in-person again?   

Before you go ahead and plan a little social, I’d love to talk to you.  ICE-PAC can provide you with the right tools to make your event a HUGE success. From online & mailed invitations to food & beverage options, ICE-PAC will work with you to put your mind at ease. Oh, and maybe we can get a pro-life state rep candidate or two to attend!  Even possibly a federal candidate.
Let’s start collaborating. 
Fill out the inquiry form here.  Someone will contact you to discuss further.

For further info, call us at 708.967.6082 or email us at

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the goal?
Well, the primary goal must be fundraising.  With the abortion lobby sitting on over $2 million dollars, we need to raise some serious funds to win important races in the fall.  We need to make these summer socials pay off.  Secondarily, these events can help educate voters and get them engaged in local races.  Historically, smaller more intimate events actually help raise substantial funds, anywhere from $1,000 to over $10,000.  You’d be surprised.

What’s the format?
The overall format of the event can be flexible, but there should be some time dedicated to allow any special guests to speak; in addition to a representative from ICE-PAC.  Apart from that, just enjoy the evening in support of a great mission.

Who from ICE-PAC can attend?
Besides any needed volunteers, David (executive director) or Mary-Louise (Chair of the board) could be there.  There are other individuals at ICE-PAC who could be made available if David and Mary-Louise aren’t free for your specific event, such as a board member.

What special guests could be available as a featured guest?
There are many possibilities to include a special guest as the incentive for your friends to show up; at no cost.  First off, wouldn’t it be neat to have a pro-life representative attend?  Even if it isn’t the one for the district you live in, then maybe it’s a candidate for a nearby district.  Maybe it’s your favorite pastor, pro-life leader, or even local celebrity.  In general, there are plenty of options. ICE-PAC can provide you with some suggestions.

Can I team up with a friend?
Of course!  All the better.    

What’s the ideal number of guests to have?
Shoot for a minimum of 10 to make it worth the time and effort, but there isn’t any perfect number.  

Who’s paying for this?
It would be fantastic for the host(s) to cover the expenses, as an in-kind contribution to the ICE-PAC mission. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  Depending on the time of day, it could be very inexpensive.  For an afternoon weekday tea, serving tea and homemade cookies, it could be a matter of $25.  Or with a formal cocktail party it could be several hundred dollars.
Never the less, if you have a great idea, but cost IS the obstacle to making it happen, then ICE-PAC will be interested in helping subsidize it.  Don’t let cost keep you from moving forward. 

How long should it be?
Don’t plan for less than an hour or more than three hours.  Again, it all depends on the format and the audience.

When should it be?
Any day between mid June and Mid October is ideal.  Anything before June 15 is at risk of being postponed due to COVID-19.  Anything after October 15 may be too late for campaign purposes.  Regarding time of day, anytime between breakfast and bedtime should work.

What can ICE-PAC provide?
Primarily, ICE-PAC can provide guidance and direction.  Logistically, ICE-PAC can provide much digital support for sending out digital invitations; even producing a professional event page.  Invitations can also be created and mailed. We can even help with affordable food and beverage options.  In some situations, free food and beverages may be available.  Oh, and maybe a volunteer or two to help with setup and cleanup.  Seriously.

What IF the social distancing guidelines are still in effect?
Okay, we’re optimists when it comes to COVID-19.  We think we’ll have a full summer to enjoy one another’s company.  We understand we may still need to practice social distancing well into the summer, though.  If that’s the case, we can postpone the event for the fall.  At this point, if we “wait and see” we may miss out on some great opportunities to get together to benefit some great pro-life candidates.