The 2018 election season seemed like a real letdown for people concerned for the sanctity of life in Illinois.  First, Jeanne Ives narrowly lost to Bruce Rauner in the gubernatorial primary after millions of dollars was spent in misleading advertising against her.  Then, we lost the representation of some great state representatives (like Peter Breen), giving a super majority to Mike Madigan and the Democrat Party, which vows to remove any and all restrictions on abortion, while advancing a culture of death.

Here’s what is at stake in 2019 and 2020:

  • Potential reversal of the parental notice law (which mandates that parents are informed if their minor daughter is considering abortion)
  • Double down on taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Legalized assisted suicide

How did we get here?  The abortion industry (led by Personal PAC – Planned Parenthood’s political arm) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in helping to defeat pro-life candidates like Peter Breen and others with misleading and false ads.  The Republican Party, unfortunately, let the attacks go unanswered, not running any ads defending the pro-life position, let alone going on the attack to point out the extreme position of the pro-abortion candidates; hence, allowing Personal PAC to dictate the narrative on the abortion issue.  It doesn’t work to allow the abortion industry to define the narrative.

We cannot sit back and let the abortion lobby tell the only story of abortion in important elections.  Sitting back and being politically silent on such an important issue, central to most elections these days, is irresponsible.  It’s the most important moral issue of our age!  Just how we proclaim the story of the birth of Christ from the hilltops, so must we proclaim the sanctity of all human life.  It’s simply a winning message!

This is why the ICE-PAC board has decided to invest even more in campaigning and lobbying.  We already started by spending more funds in 2018 than in any other year on pro-life outreach and advertising to support our endorsed candidates.  Over $30,000!

We then hired a full-time executive director (David Avignone) to drive our mission forward.  David has eight years of campaign experience, seven years of fundraising experience, and nineteen years experience in non-profit and for-profit management combined.

We’re growing and becoming more relevant every year!  We’re enthusiastic about ICE-PAC’s future, so we have a lofty goal for our supporters this Christmas Season!

Help us reach $25,000 with a truly sacrificial gift this Christmas season, ending on January 13, 2019 when we celebrate Christ’s Baptism and when we March for Life in Chicago.  




Whether $50 or $5,000,  Your sacrificial gift this Christmas to support our mission is needed and will be appreciated…and it will be effective!

Have a wonderful Christmas Season,

Mary- Louise Hengesbaugh

David Avignone 
Executive Director

PS.  Join us at our event following the March for Life Chicago.  Click HERE for more information.